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You are not using the most up to date version of the library. v2.5.4 is the newest version.

Instance arguments are the Agda equivalent of Haskell type class constraints and can be used for many of the same purposes. In Agda terms, they are implicit arguments that get solved by a special instance resolution algorithm, rather than by the unification algorithm used for normal implicit arguments. In principle, an instance argument is resolved, if a unique instance of the required type can be built from declared instances and the current context.


Instance arguments are enclosed in double curly braces {{ }} , or their unicode equivalent ( U+2983 and U+2984 , which can be typed as \{{ and \}} in the Sand Socks Vincere Sprite LowTop Black pMh1st1
). For instance, given a function _==_

for some suitable type Eq , you might define

Here the instance argument to _==_ is solved by the corresponding argument to elem . Just like ordinary implicit arguments, instance arguments can be given explicitly. The above definition is equivalent to

A very useful function that exploits this is the function it which lets you apply instance resolution to solve an arbitrary goal:

Note that instance arguments in types are always named, but the name can be _ :

The type of an instance argument must have the form {Γ} C vs , where C is a bound variable or the name of a data or record type, and {Γ} denotes an arbitrary number of (ordinary) implicit arguments (see dependent instances below for an example where Γ is non-empty). Other than that there are no requirements on the type of an instance argument. In particular, there is no special declaration to say that a type is a “type class”. Instead, Haskell-style type classes are usually defined as record types . For instance,

In order to make the fields of the record available as functions taking instance arguments you can use the special module application

This will bring into scope

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Edit Page allows a high degree of control over both the build process and the runtime environment of a project. Part of that control comes in the form of that are set independently of the project's code base but available either at build or runtime for your code to leverage. also exposes additional information to your application that way, including information like database credentials, the host or port it can use, and so forth.

Types of variables

There are four different types of variable:

All of those may be simple strings or base64-encoded JSON-serialized values. In case of name collisions, values override user-provided environment variables, which override project-level variables, which override application-provided variables. (That is, lower items in the list above take precedence.)

Project variables are defined by the user and bound to a whole project. They are available both at build time (and therefore from a build hook) and at runtime, and are the same for all environments in the project. New project variables can be added using the CLI. For example, the following command creates a project-level variable "foo" with the value "bar":

Project variables are a good place to store secret information that is needed at build time, such as credentials for a private 3rd party code repository.

By default, project variables will be available at both build time and runtime. You can suppress one or the other with the and flags, such as if you want to hide certain credentials from runtime entirely. For example, the following (silly) example will define a project variable but hide it from both build and runtime:

Naturally in practice you'll want to use only one or the other, or allow the variable to be visible in both cases.

Project variables may also be marked . That flag will mark the variable to not be readable through the UI once it is set. That makes it somewhat more private as requests through the CLI will not be able to view the variable. However, it will still be readable from within the application container like any other variable.

Environment-level variables can also be set , or using the CLI. Environment variables are bound to a specific environment or branch. An environment will also inherit variables from its parent environment, unless it has a variable defined with the same name. That allows you to define your development variables only once, and use them on all the child environments. For instance, to create an environment variable "foo" with the value "bar" on the currently checked out environment/branch, run:

Companion animals form the next smallest group on our list. The estimate of 1 billion animals worldwide is composed primarily on the basis of other estimates for the numbers of dogs and cats living as companions to humans, so it is again an underestimate for the total number of companion animals worldwide. 15 However, most animal advocacy aimed at helping companion animals aims to help those without a home or without access to veterinary care, Patricia Green Womens Milly Moccasin Camel TSr0jNmmln
which is only a fraction of the total companion animal population. For instance, HSUS estimates that there are 160-180 million dogs and cats in US homes, about 85% of which have been spayed or neutered (requiring some access to veterinary care; of course some people who could spay or neuter companion animals choose not to and do provide other veterinary care). They estimate that under 8 million dogs and cats, about 4% of the total population, enters shelters each year. 17 If outreach seeks to affect only 4–15% of companion animals, this is an affected population of about 40-150 million animals worldwide. Again, this is a large number of animals, but when we consider other animal causes, it seems much smaller. Even if this estimate is too low because companion animals other than dogs and cats are not included in the estimate or because the fraction of needy companion animals is higher in areas with fewer resources, a revised estimate would still probably be quite low compared to the populations of farm and wild animals.

Animals used on farms make up the majority of those raised and used by humans, with an estimated 33 billion land animals alive at any given time. Classic High Top Sneakers Canvas Shoes AntiSkid Sunflowers Casual Walking For Men Women Black 3zZLPX
This estimate is more exact than any other we will consider, since governments conduct counts of livestock in order to understand and regulate local economies. 19 However, this is a somewhat similar undercounting to what we saw for lab animals: fish and shellfish are not counted, and in some areas they are raised for consumption in large numbers. 20 The estimates also neglect other animals used for food, such as wild fish or commonly hunted land animals, although these animals may be affected by some of the advocacy aimed at helping farmed animals through promoting diet change. Even with these omissions, this estimate is 100-1000 times higher than our estimates for the numbers of animals affected by advocacy for companion or lab animals, suggesting that farm animal advocacy is the most important cause of the three—at least in terms of the number of animals involved.

We have two separate estimates for the number of wild animals: about 10 trillion vertebrates (which is more comparable to the estimates we’re using for the size of other groups of animals, which dealt with similar subsets of the animals truly affected) and about 10 quintillion animals in total, including invertebrates such as shellfish and insects. 21 , AllhqFashion Womens Solid Patent Leather High Heels Zipper Pointed Closed Toe Boots Claret 43 Nij32
Although counting the number of wild animals is very difficult and these estimates are therefore tentative, it is immediately clear that there are many more wild animals than animals in situations controlled directly by humans, a result that makes intuitive sense especially when small animals (from mice to insects) are considered. David Tate Womens Bravo Woven Sandal Red Suede FdQrz3t
Furthermore, there are many more insects and small animals generally than large charismatic mammals, a point that must be considered in assessing which types of wild animal advocacy are most important. 24 By numbers alone, advocacy directed at helping all wild animals is by far the most important cause dealing with a subgroup of all animals.

Many African Americans feared that joining forces with the peace movement would blunt their analysis of the way racial issues at home related to the war abroad. Some African Americans called for a black-led antiwar organization, as a way to take part in the movement without fear of being engulfed by it, but this never materialized. African Americans may not have joined antiwar organizations or events but they continued to address the war from within civil rights and black power groups. They were a part of the movement, but highly conscious of retaining a distinct identity within it. 11

Beyond the experiences of racial and ethnic groups, Women Strike for Peace, one of the most active antiwar groups, couched their activism in what historian Amy Swerdlow has termed “maternalist” terms. They emphasized acting as women, “in service of others”—their sons at risk of the draft and the children injured in Vietnam. In doing so, they encouraged a more mainstream image of antiwar work, hoping to appeal to any American woman. 12

In the American South, antiwar students tried to use southern identity to galvanize others. They encouraged southerners to “secede” from America over the war, hoping to capitalize on positive associations with a rebel image to inspire antiwar work. This tactic did not necessarily work—indeed it alienated many African Americans—but it was yet another attempt to draw on a specific group identity in protesting the war, as well as an example of seeking to transform a cultural value. 13

Vietnam veterans would also form an important bloc of protesters, organizing in groups like Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW). They, too, felt they had a unique perspective and reason for protesting. VVAW became yet another group that was distinct within the movement, yet integral to the cause, providing some of the most compelling testimony against the war. 14

Mennonites shared another feature of the antiwar movement: intra-generational conflict. While the stereotype of the 1960s is that campuses were alight with protest this was not always the case. Antiwar student activism often involved a band of dedicated few, facing hostilities from other students and drawing on antiwar faculty for support. 15 This was the case for Mennonite campuses where faculty members were often more supportive of student protest than other students. Goshen College professors like J. R. Burkholder, Dan Hess, Dan Leatherman, and Atlee Beechy were integral to antiwar work. 16 Professors at EMC also defended students involved in peace vigils, cautioning in the campus newspaper that the Mennonite mentality of “die Stillen im Lande,” or being “the quiet in the land” could lead to terrible atrocities, citing the example of Nazi Germany as a situation when being quiet made ordinary people complicit in government violence. 17 These faculty were part of a new interpretation of the peace position, one that questioned obedience to the state and looked for ways to make pacifism active. 18 In the meantime, many students still interpreted Mennonite pacifism to preclude protest. In the words of an EMC student, critical of draft card burning in 1965, “. . . Let’s give Uncle Sam his due place in our society…While our citizenship is not in this world, we must serve our nation.” 19

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